Why Study in New Zealand?

Come February I will be in New Zealand studying history at Victoria University of Wellington!  I could not be more excited or more nervous for this adventure!  I have always listed New Zealand as a dream travel destination, and now it’s becoming a reality!

After spending countless months debating where to study abroad I finally decided to follow my heart and go to the one place I couldn’t stop thinking about.  Before making a decision I was debating all kinds of other locations: Norway, Perú, South Korea, and the list goes on.  I had previously studied Spanish, and when I first came to college I was confident I would study in South America.  Once my second year started, my boyfriend and I (probably mostly me) decided that we wanted to go somewhere together to avoid the long-distance thing, and that’s where South Korea came to be an option.  After a short trip to Egypt, which we both went on, we decided it might be better to go our own ways to work on ourselves and become more independent.  When I finally committed to the idea of going somewhere all by myself, I decided to go to a place where I spoke the language, and somewhere I knew I would probably fall in love with!  New Zealand was my answer!

Now that I’m completely committed to traveling to New Zealand in February, I’m looking forward to what New Zealand has to offer!  I’m hoping to meet all kinds of people and make some great friends.  I’m hoping to do some things that get me out of my comfort zone.  I’m hoping to be outside enjoying the beauty of the country all the time.  And most importantly, I’m hoping that New Zealand will be a place I will not want to leave when the time comes in July!



One thought on “Why Study in New Zealand?

  1. Lydia, I’m so glad you and Mackenzie chose New Zealand and that your paths have crossed. Your goals are almost identical, and I hope you achieve even more than you imagined. (This is Mackenzie’s Mom, Angie btw) lol

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