To My Fellow Bloggers

Hello fellow bloggers! Thanks for anyone taking the time out of their busy lives to take a look at some of my (still probably mediocre) blogs!  I wanted to write a little bit more about the intent of my blog and who my intended audience is, though I appreciate anyone who is the least bit interested it what I’m writing about!  Connecting and helping people with similar interests is very exciting to me, and I can’t wait to connect with all of you!

I am intending to write for an audience who can connect with my experiences in college and travel.  I will be writing about my experience while studying abroad and will try to give tips and ideas for you (my readers) to learn from.  While going through all of the struggles that come with college, I will also try to give some helpful tips and insight to my fellow college students.  I like to think that after a few years already done with, I would be able to help new students get a better perspective on college life!  And if there’s anyone who is still trying to figure out life, I understand you and want you to join me in sharing my interesting adventures!  Together we can figure out life and what the heck we are doing!

And for anyone needing a little pick-me-up or inspiration:




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