Wellington Botanic Gardens: Part 1

I recently visited the Wellington Botanic Gardens for the first time, but since I was only there for an hour or two I didn’t get to see all of it (hence the ‘Part 1’).  I wanted to write a bit about the parts that I did see and show some of the pictures I took of the beautiful place!

Lady Norwood Rose Garden: After walking along a path leading from close to where I live I first came upon the rose garden.  It was very beautiful and seemingly well kept, and there were many varieties of roses to look at.

Begonia House: Next to the rose garden is the Begonia House, which houses tropical and temperate plants.  There were of course Begonias, but also Orchids, Lotus, and Lilies as well!

Herb Garden: Walking uphill away from the rose garden and begonia house I found a small herb garden.  There were signs every so often giving information about the uses of herbs throughout human history…very interesting!  I noticed that a lot of what they had in their herb garden were plants I am familiar with from home as well.


Peace Garden: Before going back up the trail towards my house, I sat awhile in the Peace Garden.  There were a few ducks swimming around, and it was a very tranquil place to be. In the small pond there was what they call a ‘peace flame.’ This flame was gifted to New Zealand from Japan after WWII because of New Zealand’s commitment against atomic weapons.



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